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I wrote this about 2 years ago, in a state of bitterness against both homophobia and the mainstream liberal attitude of trying to say "queers are just like us, they want to get married, have upper middle-class jobs, and 2.1 kids". I probably had recently come out to my dad as bisexual, and we weren't really talking at the time (we are now, albeit guardedly). I'm not sure WTF I meant to say in the post, and although it's meant to be parody, there's way too much bitterness and passive aggression in it. I'm tempted to delete the entry, but, I suppose I'll let it stand.

Straight people have done a lot to advance human society. I feel that all the polarization of the radical queer community against straight people is misplaced. Straight people are just as human as queers, their sexual orientations are just as valid as queer orientations, and their behaviors are just as worthy of tolerance. Most straight people keep to themselves and do not try to push a dangerous straight agenda upon us and our children. WHile a small minority of straight zealots do this, we should not discriminate against all straights on that basis.

Straight people are just as deserving of having families as queer people are. Just because straight people used to kick their children out onto the street for being queer is no reason to deny them the right to breed. Breeding is a human right, and past wrongs don't obviate that right.

Straight people are kind. When they use words like "fucking faggot" in front of straight children, they are only trying to prevent those children from making behavioral choices that will expose them to further verbal and physical violence from the few remaining straights who are trully still violently homophobic. New drugs coming to market promise to cure the pathology of violent homophobia, but until then, straight people's heteronormativity helps keep innocent children from behaving in queer ways that might expose them to a homophobic predator from within their community.

While gender identity and sexual orientation are constitutional rights in our country, straight people do pass laws in other countries to punish homosexuality. This may seem like an arbitrary and oppressive act that targets queers. But that's not their motivation. They are merely trying to save *themselves* from somehow being queer. Sure it makes it dangerous and oppressive for queers in those countries, but they are given automatic asylum in the United States, and they are better off living here than in backwards countries that still practice homophobia.

While in the course of history, straight people have exterminated queer people, either in concentration camps, or throuugh individual and collective acts of murder, and while these acts seem barbaric in hindsight, we have to remember that *at the time that they were performed* they were perfectly socially acceptable. The straight people perpetrating this violence had no way of knowing that history would judge against them. Indeed their friends, families, churches and government were telling them in no uncertain terms that they were doing the right thing. Their ignorence of what we now know to be basic human rights should be forgiven.

It is commonly agreed among the major religions that god is a lesbian. However, until recent revalations by god herself, there was a lot of confusion about this issue, and certain phrases in certain religious texts were taken as the basis to opress queers. I have deep faith that god not only allowed this to happen, but engineered it as a way of testing queers to see if we were worthy of her love. Religious violence against queers was a part of gods plan, and straight people should not be blamed for it.

In short, we should have tolerance for the straight people who live in our midst. They are a minority group trying hard to hold onto their culture. While we may not approve of everything they do, so long as they abide by the laws of our queer, god-fearing republic, we should remember that straight gender identities, no matter how odious and anachronistic they may seem to us, are constitutionally protected.

Oh, and I really think that queer people who straight-bash are secretly harbor straight feelings themselves. We should practice compassion and encourage such people to give honest expression to their feelings. Tell them that it's OK to be straight. Tell them about straight support groups, and internet boards where they can finally connect with others who feel the same way they do.

It's perhaps more nuanced than that. The older generation of queers lived through times when homophobia was the norm. Even with years of therapy, some of these people will never fully heal from their traumas. They may hate straights for the rest of their lives, and thats understandable. But really, if you are under 30, and you go around intimidating straight people, you are either just plain mean, or a closeted straight.


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